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Cleansing our bodies is fundamental to order to lead a healthy life. We must realise that each of us is exposed to parasites or toxins. Hence the necessity of regular cleansing of the organism. As a result, we can count on the improvement of our immunity or the removal of all harmful substances.

Ranking of pills for body detox
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Detoxyn is a high-end dietary supplement, the formula of which is based on a natural and safe composition, so it does not cause any side effects. It is recommended for both women and men regardless of age or health status.


Detoxyn was created on the basis of safe and natural ingredients, which were combined under the watchful eye of top specialists. The formula is based on valuable ingredients, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the best possible effects. Among the used ingredients there are:

  • Choline - a micronutrient which influences the proper functioning of the liver, supports fat digestion, contributes to faster and more effective elimination of toxins retained in the body and has a direct impact on reducing fatigue and feelings of exhaustion.
  • Canada Bitterroot - a plant used to support intestinal function, intestinal microflora. Moreover, the plant contributes to the reduction of potentially pathogenic organisms in the digestive system. The plant has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also a natural antibiotic which supports the body's immune system.
  • Green tea - is a source of vitamin A, B, C, D, E, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper and the most powerful antioxidants. It is a natural antioxidant that cleanses the body of toxic deposits in it.
  • Peppermint - alleviates digestive problems, such as constipation or flatulence, supports stomach and intestinal function as well as improves intestinal peristalsis and regulates gastric juice secretion.
  • Garlic - a natural immunity booster, affecting the proper functioning of the body, mucous compounds, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids and saponins.
  • Aloe vera - an ingredient which helps cleanse the organism from harmful toxins. It has antibacterial action and supports bowel functions. Aloe vera also supports metabolic processes in the body, accelerates digestion, stimulates intestinal microflora proliferation, bile and gastric juice secretion.
  • Thyme - a plant with strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, relieves indigestion and discomfort associated with stomach or intestinal disease.
  • DigeZyme - a patented formula of natural digestive enzymes that provide support to the digestive system as well as during the removal of harmful toxins and metabolic by-products from the body.
  • Long Oyster - a plant that supports natural metabolism and prevents the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver.
  • Cinnamon - a powerful antioxidant that supports the digestive system.
  • BioPerine® - black pepper extract with antiseptic effects, supporting digestive processes and nutrient absorption.


Regular supplementation, as recommended by the manufacturer, provides many benefits for our body. Research has shown that Detoxyn provides the following effects:

  • Removal of harmful pathogens,
  • Protection against harmful microbial activity,
  • Support of the digestive system,
  • Support of liver function,
  • Improved well-being,
  • Removed harmful deposits of toxins,
  • Stimulation of metabolism,
  • Improved immune system,
  • Improved absorption of the most valuable nutrients,
  • Fresh breath,
  • Deacidification of the body,
  • Removal of excess water,
  • Increased body vitality.

Use of

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, Detoxyn should be taken twice a day with plenty of water. Thanks to this its effectiveness will be improved which leads to better absorbability of the supplement by the body.

The use of Detoxyn supplement is recommended to people who are exposed to harmful pathogens, parasites, toxins or negative products of metabolism, especially when symptoms such as fatigue, discouragement or stomach problems occur. The supplement should not be taken by children, pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as people who are hypersensitive to any of its components.

Where to buy and at what price

Detoxyn is a highly regarded supplement in many countries, but its availability is limited to online sales on the manufacturer's direct website. The advantage of such a solution is the short delivery time as shipments arrive in less than 48 hours from the moment of placing an order.

One pack of Detoxyn dietary supplement containing 60 capsules can be purchased for £49. The price is not the lowest, but it is an adequate relation of price to product quality. In addition, it is worth following the information appearing on the manufacturer's website because there are often tempting promotions and discounts.

Rating 9,6/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars

Spirulin Plus formula was developed by the best specialists in order to help maintain the correct weight as well as the acid-base balance in the organism. Spirulin Plus is an effective, convenient and completely safe supplement.


The Spirulin Plus dietary supplement is a unique composition of seven natural ingredients, including:

  • Spirulina - reduces appetite and blood sugar levels, affects the removal of heavy metals from the body,
  • Chlorella - improves the body's immune system, gives energy and supports the digestive processes in the body,
  • Alfalfa - ensures the maintenance of optimal cholesterol levels in the body, improves metabolic processes, adds energy and reduces the feeling of hunger,
  • Dandelion - speeds up metabolism, has a positive effect on stomach and kidney functions, removes excess water from the body and has a soothing effect on inflammation,
  • Common nettle - removes excess water from the body, improves general well-being,
  • Green tea - supports fat reduction and digestive processes, reduces the feeling of hunger,
  • Zinc - speeds up metabolism, increases immunity, reduces acidity and bad breath.
  • Action

Dietary supplement Spirulin Plus is especially recommended for deacidification of the organism because a lack of activity negatively affects our health. Acidification manifests itself through frequent infections, lack of energy, tiredness, weight gain, snacking or frequent mood swings. Untreated acidification can lead to serious diseases that are considered chronic and difficult to treat. Research has shown that Spirulin Plus

  • adds energy,
  • improves well-being,
  • reduces irritability and nervousness,
  • improves concentration,
  • accelerates wound healing,
  • reduces appetite, which also reduces the tendency to gain weight,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • accelerates metabolism,
  • facilitates weight loss,
  • has an antioxidant effect.

Use of

Spirulin Plus is a supplement intended for people struggling with acidification as well as those who need support in losing weight, reducing appetite or increasing vitality. The manufacturer does not recommend the supplement to be used by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women or people with hypersensitivity to any of its components. The manufacturer recommends taking a maximum of 2 capsules daily, 30 minutes before meals. No adverse reactions have been observed in patients using Spirulin Plus dietary supplement.

Where to buy and at what price

The product is available only on the manufacturer's website, thanks to which we gain the guarantee of purchasing a safe and tested product. Do not risk buying from an unknown source as there is no guarantee of effectiveness of such a product.

The product can be purchased in three variants:

  • basic variant - 1 pack for £39,
  • standard variant - 3 packs for £78,
  • optimised variant - 6 packs at the price of £117.
Rating 8,8/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars

Eliminacid is a dietary supplement which is recommended for people who require support in the treatment of acid-base balance. The regular use of Eliminacid improves and accelerates the excretion of metabolic products from the body, while ensuring a proper acid balance in the body.


The composition of Eliminacid has been meticulously analysed, resulting in a supplement that contains herbal extracts, vitamins and trace elements. Each tablet contains rose hip extract, green tea extract, dandelion root extract, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, iron, zinc and iodine.

Rose hip extract - supports the physiological processes of elimination, maintains the acid balance.

Green tea extract - influences water removal from the body, contributes to fat burning, stimulates metabolism, supports correct functioning of urinary tract and kidneys.

Dandelion root extract - has purifying properties, affects the excretion of excess water from the body and all types of toxins.

Zinc - maintains a proper acid-base balance, influences the healthy appearance of skin, hair and nails, maintains healthy bones, influences the proper functioning of the immune system.

Folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin c and iron reduce the feeling of tiredness.


The dietary supplement Eliminacid:

  • Restores the pH balance (acid-base balance),
  • Reduces absorption of nutrients from food,
  • Limits food intake,
  • Improves the condition of skin, hair and nails,
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Improves metabolic processes,
  • Cleanses the body from toxic products formed in metabolic processes,
  • Accelerates fat burning processes,
  • Protects the digestive system and gastric mucosa,

Use of

Eliminacid dietary supplement is recommended for people who, due to various factors, may have impaired metabolism leading to acidification of the body. Systematic use of the supplement reduces the risk of such diseases as osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cancer, degenerative joint changes and obesity as well as exacerbates the symptoms of already existing diseases. The manufacturer states that the product should not be used by people who are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the supplement's components. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a capsule per day and advises against exceeding this dosage. In case of using other drugs or dietary supplements, it is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist beforehand. The supplement is available as oral tablets for adults.

Where to buy and at what price

Eliminacid is available in packs of 30 tablets for around £5 on the manufacturer's direct website.


The state of our health should play a very important role in our lives. That is why we should decide today to take extra protection in the form of proper supplementation. We are convinced that you will find our article helpful in making the right choice. Take care of yourself today and provide support for your body.


Detox - what you need to know about it


Scientists have been stressing for some time now that we must focus on protecting our bodies. A diet based on highly processed products and stimulants has a negative impact on our health, causing a loss of energy, headaches, problems with concentration, sleep and allergies. An increasing part of our society decides to apply a treatment purifying the organism. A proper diet, proper hydration, juices or body cleansing tablets are helpful for effective detoxification.

Most importantly, we need to ensure our safety. Therefore, people with gastrointestinal problems, urinary problems, or chronic illnesses should consult their health care provider beforehand. A similar situation applies to children, teenagers, the elderly and pregnant women.

Proper diet

First of all, we should include more vegetables, fruit and water in our diet, which are conducive to cleansing the body of various toxins. It is a well-known fact that fruit and vegetables are often used in cleansing and slimming diets, ensuring positive effects. This is the result of the large amount of minerals, vitamins and fibre contained in them. Introduce some modifications to your diet and find out that a healthy diet improves the appearance of your skin, immunity, daily mood, also influences more energy and better vitality. Also check the description of the products you choose in the shop because, for example, many food products contain monosodium glutamate. Generally speaking, this is a flavour enhancer, which can increase headaches or allergic reactions in the form of rashes.

However, it is not advisable to follow too restrictive diets to cleanse the body. This process should take place gradually, not abruptly. It is important because such an extreme diet may contribute to the removal of minerals and vitamins needed for the proper functioning of the body.

How to start a detox?

First of all, we need to focus on modifying our diet to eliminate all fillers and softeners. As we have already mentioned, we need to enrich our diet with more fruit and vegetables. The consumption of fruit and vegetable juices is permitted but preferably without sugar content. Beetroot, cabbage, celery or apples and lemon deserve special attention. Cocktails for cleansing prepared on the basis of spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, parsley, beets, ginger, turmeric, apples, kale, lemon are very popular. Also try to replace wheat products with whole grains. We should definitely give up alcohol, energy drinks and sweetened fizzy drinks.

Adequate hydration

Whether on a cleansing diet or not, we need to ensure that we get enough water into the body. It is recommended to provide about 2-3 litres of water daily. Lack of adequate hydration also causes problems with the skin as it becomes more dry and loses its elasticity. Furthermore, by ensuring adequate water throughout the day, we minimise the risk of weakness that occurs when the body becomes dehydrated.

Introduce herbal products into the diet

Studies have shown that the use of various types of herbs and spices contributes significantly to cleansing the body of toxins. Aloe vera juices, kale juice and sauerkraut juice have recently gained popularity. Ground thistle seeds are also helpful as they have a beneficial effect on the condition of our liver. Furthermore, cleansing teas prepared on the basis of nettle, horsetail, dandelion or purgative plants are also very effective. Herbal mixtures with diuretic properties, such as the aforementioned dandelion, nettle or pansy, are particularly recommended. It is also worth mentioning wild pansy which supports the condition of the skin and influences the rate of toxin removal. It goes without saying that green tea has a beneficial effect on the condition of our organism. It is recommended in slimming cures as a strong antioxidant.

Physical activity

Positive effects during the detoxification of the body are also ensured by an appropriate amount of exercise, which has a positive impact on our health and general well-being. The additional portion of movement accelerates the removal of toxins, improves our condition and provides an additional portion of energy and endorphins. Movement improves metabolism and burns extra calories. However, we must keep in mind moderation so as not to exhaust the body and cause extreme weakness. If you are not a fan of physical activity, try to go for walks more often, or take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Even the smallest amount of exercise will have a beneficial effect on the detoxification process. You can also take advantage of the opportunities offered by aqua aerobics, body shaping exercises or Nordic walking.

Cleansing diet - for whom and where to start?


Who should benefit from a cleansing diet?

Cleansing the body is a very important issue for representatives of both sexes at any age. The task of the detoxification process is to remove unnecessary and harmful products of metabolism, heavy metals and toxins from the body, thus supporting the body's natural cleansing mechanisms. The cleansing diet focuses mainly on those organs that are involved in the inactivation of toxins and their removal from our body. These include the kidneys, liver and large intestine. A cleansing diet is important because its task is to remove harmful substances before they are absorbed into the blood and skin.

This diet is mainly aimed at people who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or large amounts of coffee and black tea. In addition, detoxification of the body is also advisable for people with intensive and stressful lifestyles or with an irregular diet. Are you wondering why exactly this group should benefit from cleansing diets? It is because in the case of these people, through the use of stimulants, there is a strong strain on the organism, which leads to its excessive weakening.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the cleansing diet outside the designated group can be used by anyone if there are no contraindications to its use. This solution effectively helps detoxify the body and cleanse it of toxins while restoring balance and immunity. Cleansing diets are also an excellent form of slimming diet, which lead to an attractive appearance, higher self-esteem and better mood. If you have digestive disorders, eat a lot of highly processed food, or even gain excessive weight, a cleansing diet should help you solve many problems and cleanse your body of various types of toxins. Among the signals sent by a body there is irritability, fatigue, lack of energy, or brittle nails, skin problems and falling hair.

It is also worth noting that detox diets are used for people with liver diseases. It is a very important organ in our body, therefore we should not neglect it and through an appropriate diet properly regenerate it. There is a large group of people at risk of liver disease, including those with a taste for fatty and sugary foods. If you are not keen on physical activity but you take medication, often drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, you should also benefit from a cleansing diet. In addition, a detox is often recommended for overweight people to facilitate their weight loss process and remove unnecessary substances from the body.

Research has shown that a body detox is also indicated for healthy people, for whom cleansing can be a prelude to healthy eating and an improved lifestyle. Detoxing the body is not recommended for people with chronic illnesses, which include diabetes, kidney disease, heart diseas, or gastrointestinal disorders, among others. Cleansing diets are discouraged for pregnant women, children, adolescents and the elderly.

How to start a cleansing diet?

Research shows that a significant proportion of harmful substances enter the body with the food we eat. It is therefore not surprising that it is recommended to start the detox of the body with a short starvation, so that our digestive system gets some rest and expels the accumulated food contents. We need to make the person aware that in empty intestines the regeneration of epithelium takes place faster. It is also recommended to eat foods that have strong cleansing properties and bind toxins and heavy metals, allowing them to be expelled from the body.

A cleansing diet should be selected on an individual basis taking into account his or her health status. Such a diet should include products that act as antioxidants. They should bind free oxygen radicals and prevent cell damage. Remember to provide with the diet compounds that bind heavy metals and help remove them from the body.

Remember also to keep your body properly hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Increasing the amount of fluids you drink makes the kidneys work faster and filters the blood intensely, removing toxins from it. This is followed by the excretion of toxins in the urine. It is also worth mentioning that an adequately hydrated body also removes harmful substances more easily through the skin, together with sweat. What is more, it is recommended that a diet detoxifying the body should be based mainly on fresh and organic products. We should definitely avoid half-finished products and highly processed food. This will allow us to naturally cleanse the body of toxins and bring it into balance, strengthen immunity. It is advisable to choose products which have the ability to absorb heavy metals, chemical substances, as well as to remove deposits and burn the pathologically changed fat tissue.

A cleansing diet can also be supported by the use of high quality dietary supplements. Their function is to support the work of organs and natural antioxidants, which help to inactivate toxins. Looking at the wide selection of dietary supplements for cleansing, we are convinced that everyone interested in this kind of solution will find something for themselves.

Juice diet for cleansing the body


What is the juice diet?

Recently, the juice diet has gained a large number of followers. Its task is to support the cleansing process from toxins and unnecessary products of metabolism. Toxins attacking our body include pesticides, preservatives and food additives as well as heavy metals. Detoxification of the body is very important because it helps to combat many problems which include lack of energy, persistent fatigue as well as digestive problems or skin problems. The juice diet is one of the ways of cleansing the body from toxins, which consists in replacing solid meals with vegetable and fruit juices. The form of juices influences the acceleration of the digestion process, which also lead to the penetration of nutrients into the body. Juice therapy also helps to reduce excess weight. The constantly growing interest in the juice diet is a result of the fact that it is available in many variants, thanks to which it can be adapted to one's own possibilities and expectations as they include 1-day, 3-day and one-week diets.

The juice diet is not recommended for people who have chronic diseases, carbohydrate tolerance disorders; e.g. diabetes, insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycaemia; hypertension treated with drugs. Pregnancy and lactation period is also a contraindication. At the same time, it is worth noting that the juice detox should not be used by people leading intensive lifestyles, doing hard physical work. Moreover, the detox should not be used by children and adolescents as well as elderly people.

How do I prepare for juice therapy?

Before embarking on a juice diet, we should read tips on how to properly prepare for the whole therapy. This is important because proper preparation will help us limit the shock we may feel as a result of changing our eating habits. First of all, we should give up unhealthy food and fast food snacks. The next step is to eliminate meat, dairy products, bread, alcohol and sugary drinks from your diet. Replace these products with raw, cooked or pickled vegetables and fruits. We realise that giving up coffee and black tea may be difficult, but it will be necessary to achieve satisfactory results. Replace coffee with a glass of warm water with lemon, a little cinnamon, ginger and Cayenne pepper. This type of infusion is particularly recommended during a cleansing diet as it provides the body with the right portion of energy, stimulates, while warming up and improving the metabolic process. Experts advise against physical activity during the juice treatment.

What effects does a juice diet have?

The juice diet is a popular choice and is also recommended for healthy adults without contraindications. The juice diet should not be followed for more than a week in order not to lead to nutritional deficiencies. It is recommended to eat 5-6 meals a day consisting of unsweetened vegetable and fruit juices. After this time we can count on purification of the organism, improvement of vitality and well-being, better immunity, improvement of the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Moreover, the juice diet is very helpful in changing eating habits, which also leads to getting rid of excess weight. It is possible because metabolism and digestion improve and intestinal peristalsis is stimulated. The process of cleansing the body of toxins is fundamental in reducing the feeling of tiredness and regulating the work of the digestive system. In addition, the juice diet strengthens the immune system and reduces sleep problems.

Juice diet - indications

During the week of the fruit and vegetable juice diet, we should concentrate on using plenty of vegetables, especially leafy greens. Sweet fruit juices should be chosen as a breakfast suggestion. Subsequent meals should be based on vegetables, as they are lower in calories. Juices can be enriched with many herbs and spices, among which mint, basil, thyme, cumin, turmeric, or nutmeg are particularly recommended.

Preparing for the end of the juice diet

We must also realise that, just as the use of a fruit and vegetable juice diet is of fundamental importance in cleansing the body, we must not forget to gradually accustom the body to solid food. We should not return to previous eating habits, but rather diversify our diet step by step. In the initial stage, it is recommended to include raw and cooked vegetables in the diet, and then bread, eggs and yoghurt. Only a few days after completing the juice diet, you can start eating easily digestible meats and fish.

Healing hunger as a purification of the body


Cleansing fasts have been popular for many years as an effective aid in detoxifying our body of unnecessary products of metabolism, deposits in the intestines and vessels. It has been proven that a hunger strike also has a significant influence on improving the look of our skin, reducing cellulite, and most importantly, our mood and self-confidence. Although this solution is willingly chosen, it should not be used by chronically ill, weakened people, children, adolescents and pregnant or breastfeeding women. A hunger strike consists of voluntary abstaining from food, sometimes also of water, for a specific period of time in order to cleanse the body, to get rid of excessive kilograms and improve one's own well-being.

Preparing for a cleansing fast

As far as fast and safe cleansing is concerned, people need to be prepareed for it properly. Taking care for our safety, we should consult a doctor beforehand and perform necessary examinations, such as blood morphology to exclude anaemia, ECG, because fasting puts a significant strain on the heart. The doctor should also order kidney tests or uric acid levels. The next step will be to modify your current diet by eliminating meat, reducing portions and calorie intake. It will be necessary to eliminate all stimulants, e.g. alcohol and cigarettes. Just before the starvation itself, try to eat only vegetables and fruit, not forgetting about adequate hydration with still water.

What is a cleansing fast?

A cleansing hunger strike involves several stages.

First stage - During the first 2-3 days the body adapts itself to the lack of food. It is accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger, irritation at the sight of food and general malaise. This period favours the breakdown of glycogen in the liver, removal of excess water and sodium from the body.

The second stage is the breakdown of adipose tissue, where all toxins accumulate. We will be no stranger to weakness, headaches and nausea, our skin and mucous membranes become dry and grey and our mouth starts to smell bad. However, there is positive news because we stop feeling hungry.

The third stage of the cleansing fast is the adaptation of the organism. The length of this stage is an individual matter, as it depends on the amount of our fat tissue. It is associated with weight loss and improvement of the body's resistance and removal of used cells. This stage ends with the appearance of a feeling of hunger.

It is extremely important to return to eating because the success of the whole cleansing depends on it. We cannot lead to consumption of calorie-dense food because then the yo-yo effect may appear and it will destroy all our huge efforts. At the same time, we must realise that only by changing our eating habits we can guarantee long-term maintenance of the results. The success of the whole treatment will largely depend on our commitment, self-discipline and patience. We are convinced that after a few days of the cleansing fast every participant will feel its positive effects on the body.

Which diseases can be cured by starvation?

Fasting is increasingly being used for therapeutic purposes, particularly in the case of diseases resulting from poor nutrition. These include atherosclerosis and related diseases. Even a short, one or two day hunger strike helps with inflammations, pains of various origin, digestive disorders, swelling and shortness of breath. Starvation can also be used to cure coronary artery disease, hypertension, pre-heart attack states, anaemia or constipation.

Starvation and its dangers

We must be aware that inadequate preparation for a cleansing fast may cause more harm than good. Too radical limitation of food intake may contribute to water-electrolyte disturbances, fainting, headaches, weakness as well as a decrease in immunity. We must also be prepared to lose muscle tissue. At the same time, it is worth noting that a few days of fasting should not have negative consequences, provided that our health condition is not in doubt. It should not be used in the case of people with chronic diseases because it may lead to a negative impact on the organism.

What do you need to know about the bowel cleansing diet?


The intestinal cleansing diet is similar to the detox diet, but its assumption is to get rid of excess weight while cleansing the intestines of toxins and metabolic products. This type of diet restores the proper functioning of the body and improves our mood and general health. Neglecting this important matter, which is cleansing of the organism, may lead to many illnesses, among which we can distinguish colitis, colorectal cancer, arthritis, disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as changes in the oral cavity, e.g. bad breath, plaque on the tongue, tartar.

Who should benefit from a bowel cleansing diet?

The intestinal cleansing diet is recommended in particular to people who suffer from ailments indicating the existence of faecal deposits. This includes such ailments as constipation, diarrhoea, acne and pimples, infections, headaches, malaise, sleep disorders as well as general lack of energy and weakness. Toxins are released from the metabolic residue in the intestines, which in turn poison our body and adversely affect the health and work of many organs and systems. Intestinal dysfunctions may lead to deterioration of absorption of nutrients, weakened immunity or deterioration of physical and mental condition. The intestinal cleansing diet is dedicated to people who wish to improve their health while reducing body weight.

Bowel cleansing diet - recommendations

A bowel cleansing treatment should be based on the use of products rich in fibre. Therefore, doctors recommend eating plenty of vegetables, fruit and herbs. It is also advisable to limit the consumption of fatty and fried food, sweets as well as highly processed food. If we decide to follow a bowel cleansing diet, we need to remember about proper hydration of the body, we should drink 2-3 litres of still water daily. At the same time, we emphasise that such a diet should not, however, last longer than three days. Peppers, courgettes, lettuce and tomatoes as well as apples and citrus fruit deserve special mention among vegetables with gut. It is also worth introducing dried fruit into the diet which facilitates bowel movements as well as the removal of unnecessary products of metabolism from the body. It has been observed that drinking water with lemon juice in the morning improves intestinal peristalsis and deacidifies the body. Infusions prepared on the basis of such herbs as mint, fennel, dandelion and ginger infusion, which additionally accelerates metabolic processes are also beneficial.

In summary, it is recommended to:

  • introduce high-fibre foods, raw vegetables and fruit into the diet,
  • drink 2-3 litres of water a day,
  • avoid the consumption of products containing preservatives, artificial colourings,
  • limit the consumption of fried and grilled dishes,
  • consume seeds that improve intestinal peristalsis (i.e. psyllium seed, chia seeds),
  • introduce more physical activity into your lifestyle.

Replacing one meal with fresh fruit and vegetable juice for a period of time can have beneficial effects. For this purpose, we should choose seasonal fruit and vegetables so that the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals is supplied to the body.

Examples of bowel cleansing diets

  • cleansing the intestines with bonny clabber - the only meal of the day is bonny clabber. It is recommended to drink a glass of bonny clabber every hour. During the day we should drink maximum 2 litres of it. The diet lasts one day.
  • Apple diet - eat only apples throughout the day. The suggested amount is about 2 kg. The diet should last up to 3 days.
  • vegetable diet - about 2 kg of raw vegetables are eaten throughout the day. The most nutritious vegetables include carrots, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers. The diet should last up to 3 days.

In conclusion, doctors and specialists emphasise that the only safe and effective ways to cleanse the intestines are a balanced diet, appropriate amounts of drunk water and herbal infusions. We must not forget about physical activity, which has a significant impact on accelerating the metabolism in the body. We must be aware that intestinal malfunction contributes to the slowing down of metabolic processes, which results in weight gain despite the consumption of the same amount of calories.